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Social Recruitment

  1.  Open Positions:

Management positions or professional staff with more than 2 years of work experience. See Social Recruitment section for more detailed requirements.

   2. How to Apply

1) Online application channels: 1. Click “Apply” under the job postings section of the company's homepage, and complete the application form; 2. Apply by sending an electronic copy of your resume to the corresponding email address for the position you apply for; 3. Apply by searching jobs and submitting your resume via partner recruitment websites such as “Zhaopin.com”, “51Job.com”, “Liepin”, “58.com”etc. 2) Offline application channels: Candidates can apply for all vacant positions at the talent market at No. 22 of Chaoyang East Road, Lianyungang on Saturday mornings or at the labor market at No.1 of Chaoyang East Road (marketing and operational positions) on Friday mornings (except on public holidays) by submitting resumes onsite.

3.png    3. Work Location

Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group is mainly located in Lianyungang and Shanghai with marketing, academic, and clinical monitoring job positions available throughout the country. Please see job descriptions for details of work locations.

4.png    4. Application Considerations

After receiving our interview notice, please prepare the following materials: 1. One copy of your resume; 2. One photocopy of your ID card, diploma and degree certificate(s), professional qualification certificate(s), professional technical position qualification certificate(s); 3. One one-inch color photo of you.

5.png    5. Physical Examination Considerations

After you receive our notice on physical examination, please make the following preparations: 1. Make sure you get enough sleep before the physical examination; 2. Have a light dinner and avoid drinking alcohol the night before; 3. Have an empty stomach on the morning of the day of checkup; 4. Bring your ID card with you.

6.png   6. Contract Signing Considerations

Upon receiving our contract singing notice, please make sure you have the following materials ready before signing an employment contract: 1. The original copy and one photocopy of your ID card, diploma and degree certificate(s), professional qualification certificate(s), professional technical position qualification certificate(s); 2.  The original copy of your employment separation certificate; 3.  Three copies of one-inch color photos of you.

7.png    7. Other Things You Need to Know

1) About timing: After you submit your resume, you will receive an interview notice within a week if you pass the initial screening; once you pass the first interview, you will receive a notice for a second interview within a week (postponed accordingly on holidays). 2) Applicants should follow the principle of good faith and fill up the forms and respond to questions in an honest manner during interviews. Anyone found guilty of cheating will be immediately disqualified from recruitment. 3) Submitted application materials will not be returned; applicant information will be stored in our corporate talent pool and kept confidential.

  8. Application Process

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